Christophe used to be a chef before becoming a vigneron. With advice and support from his uncle Marcel Lapierre, he took a leap of faith in 1999. He makes wines from the various crus including Chenas, Chiroubles, Côte de Brouilly, Fleurie, Juliénas and Moulin-à-Vent as well as Beaujolais-Villages. He makes a few barrels of this and that. Tasting the various crus with Christophe is a study in the cru terroirs. He raises all his crus in neutral Burgundy barrels - an ancient and costly tradition that is a rarity in the region nowadays. There is something mystically mysterious and beautiful about crus that see a passage of time in neutral barrels. Christophe Pacalet's wines have that ruby luminescence, elegance and joy that I associate with the crus.


A delicious Beaujolais-Villages is a rare find. Christophe Pacalet's Beaujolais-Villages come from the foothills of the cru Régnié. The vines are century old. A wine to drink in abundance with simple and honest dishes.


Named after the oak trees (chêne) that used to dot the hillside, this Cru hallmarks are prettiness and perfume. Christophe Pacalet makes very feminine, velvety Chénas full of roses.


This Cru sits on a high altitude of 250 m and reaching to 450 m. On very homogeneous soils, consisting of coarse-grained granite (sand). Delicate and perfumed, it is the Cru that expresses first. Drink this Cru while waiting for the other Crus to calm down.


Côte de Brouilly is on the rock of volcanic origin and has the locally famous "blue stone" (métatuf and métadiorites in French). This Cru has a beautiful ruby colour. On the nose, it has delicate notes of blueberry, blackberry, plum. A wine that can be happily drunk on release but ages happily.


A regal Cru that has everything: elegance, perfume, body and texture. Situated on the picturesque hill, the Cru of Fleurie has volcanic soils mixed with sand. This mixture lends beauty and balance to this Cru. This Cru cellars well.


Juliénas has two types of terrain. To the west, lean and arid granitic, infiltrated veins of manganese. To the east, the formations of the Mesozoic era, ancient alluvium, deep soils and clay. Christophe's is a site situated on the west of the appellation,, where the local vignerons favour. This Cru has good minerality, firm and solid nose to the palate with flavors of peach and raspberry. This Cru cellars well.


The most masculine of the Crus, this wine has a fuller body. On soils are crumbly pink granitic, infiltrated here and there wih manganese veins. Perhpas, the longest lived Cru.


Region: Beaujolais

Appellations: Beaujolais-Villages, Chenas, Chiroubles, Cote de Brouilly, Fleurie, Juliénas, Moulin-à-Vent,

Size: 6 hectares

Viticulture: Organic, not certified

Producer Website: Christophe Pacalet