A vigneron like Jean Foillard doesn't come around too often. Jean Foillard and his wife Agnès started their handkerchief-size domain in Morgon in the 1980's when the majority of appellation, driven by big negoces, were and are still producing industrial plonks. Undeterred by their surroundings, Jean and Agnès decided to embark on their own path. They returned to honest vine growing and wine making the way their grandparents did. The vines are grown organically. The same attention is paid in their cellar. There are no pumps to move the wines at any stage in the chai. Every move of the wine in the cellar, from racking to bottling, is done by gravity. There are no additives in the cellar to hide shortcuts in the vineyards because there are no shortcuts in the vineyards. The hand-harvested grapes are fermented using natural yeasts only. Tested-and-true traditions of aging his wines in the neutral Burgundy barrels are still used today. The proof is in his wines and the top restaurants in Paris that have graced his wines over the years.

Morgon Côte du Py

Côte du Py, a prized climat in Morgon, is on a steep volcanic hill with a southern exposure. The majority of the vines are over sixty years old with some reaching a century. The wine is raised in neutral Burgundy barrels for about a year. Very delicious on release, this wine will continue to gain momentum in cellar.

Morgon Cuvée Corcelette

More feminine than the Côte du Py. The climat Corcelette has more sand than the Côte du Py and closer to another famed cru Fleurie. The vines are 80+ years old. Cuvée Corcelette is raised in neutral 30 hectolitre (3,000 litre) casks. Jean Foillard has a tiny holding of this treasured parcel.


The vineyard is composed of pink sandstone. This cuvée comes from the climats of La Grille Midi, La Madone and Champagne in the cru of Fleurie. The vines are about 50 years old. Jean Foillad has about 1 hectore of this treasured Cru.

Morgon Les Charmes Eponym

This cuvée comes from the climat of Les Charmes in Morgon. This vineyard sits high in elevation of about 400m, which lends perfume and elegance. Jean Foillard has just over 1 hectare. Aged in neutral Burgundy barrels for about 9 months and further aged in bottles for about a year prior to release.


Region: Beaujolais

Appellations: Morgon, Fleurie

Size: 14 hectares

Viticulture: Organic, not certified


Not current vintages. Shown for sample purposes only.