Valtellina is a series of terraced granite vineyards that are chiselled out of a single south-facing mountain. There are five classified subzones in Valtellina: Grumello, Inferno, Maroggia, Sassela, and Valgella. The vineyards of Barbacan are in Valgella. The slopes are so steep that the ancients had to hand-build narrow stone stairs just to access the vineyards. You can see a glimpse of what is like to grow vines in Valtellina in the photo below. A tractor cannot access these vertical chiselled vineyards and all work must be done by hand. Farming is heroic.


From the Chiavennesca (the local dialect for Nebbiolo) vines grown at extreme 700 meter in elevation. In the Alpine granite vertical slope of Valtellina at this elevation, the Chiavennesca grapes ripe just so to make an ideal rosato. Because there is no DOCG in Valtellina that governs rosato, this is labelled as Alpi Retiche, which covers a broader area of Lombardy.


Made with Chiavennesca. Maceration is short to bring out the fruit forwardness of this Rosso. A portion is aged in neutral vats, while the remaining portion is aged in neutral big barrels (botti). The wines are then blended after about nine months of élevage and bottled without filtration.

Valgella SOL

From the tiny classified cru of Sol in the subzone of Valgella in Valtellina. It is 100% Chiavennesca. Elevage is in chestnut botti for about eighteen months.

Valgella JASPEMI

From the century-old vines in the subzone of Valgella on the classified cru of Jazpémi. It is 95% Chiavennesca with the remaining portion being Rossola and Pignola, which are also indigenous varietals in Valtellina. There are also Chiavennascone and Chiavennaschino, which are different strains of Chiavennesca. Matteo and Luca are committed to preserving the indigenous varietals of Valtellina because the brothers believe the ancient varietals add to the identity and complexity.


From the subzone of Valgella on the classified cru of Fracia. The parcel was planted by Matteo and Luca's great, great parents in the 1920's. It is one of the highest elevations of all the classified crus at 600 meters. Fracia Riserva is aged in big chestnut barrels (botti) for two years and further aged in neutral vat for a year prior to bottling.


Region: Lombardy

Appellations: Valtellina

Size: 6 hectares

Viticulture: Organic - not certified

Producer Website: Barbacan


(The labels are not current vintages and are shown for illustration purposes only)